The most recent collection is Darkness Inside Out (116pp £12.95; Carcanet/Northern House, 2012).

'In Darkness Inside Out Rodney Pybus takes the reader on a series of excursions within real and imagined, beautiful and barbaric worlds. From Suffolk to Cape Town, from comedy to elegy, Pybus's poems explore the collusions of language and memory, the layerings of time and loss. A sequence set in the new South Africa closes this absorbing collection. Pybus shows that it is finally the work of the imagination that best turns darkness inside out.'

And Flying Blues (Carcanet, 1994) is still available (142pp; £9.95) via the usual sources, including, of course, Carcanet's own website:

Of this collection the late Ted Hughes said: 'So pure and sinuous and all of a piece. Wonderfully graceful... words that seem natural and moving at the mind's speed -- like improvisation but everything spot on. [The]birds and butterflies come alive in their whole setting... the whole thing there, a scoop of the world, really delicate and undamaged. [The] style is an achievement, I think, and greatly to my taste.'


Most of the early books are out of print, but some copies of three volumes are still available, direct from Rodney Pybus.

1.     Bridging Loans   (48pp paperback; Chatto & Windus, 1976)                          

The focus of this collection is the north-east of England, especially the relationship  between the region's social history and geography. The Tyne river is the subject of the long title poem.

2.     The Loveless Letters   (48pp paperback; Chatto & Windus, 1981)                

Many of these poems, including the title group which uses the voice of one of the Tolpuddle Martyrs, are located in Australia, past and present; others are set in the north of England.

3.     Cicadas in Their Summers: New & Selected Poems 1965-85   (128pp  paperback;  Carcanet, 1988)                                                                    

The new poems here draw on life in Australia and the Lake District, marked by a concern for how we treat each other and our landscapes.

These are offered for sale at their original cover price:  £2.25 for no.1; £3.95 for no. 2   £6.95 for no.3      (plus post & packing).

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